God’s Grace For A Strip Club Manager

One of the fun things about being a cop’s wife is that you know when your husband comes home from work, there will be plenty of interesting things to talk about. Especially when they work in a big city like my husband does. It’s interesting though, as fun as the stories are about his actual arrests, high speed chases, and drug bust, the majority of the truly fascinating stories that he shares are his everyday conversations with people on the streets. Recently, He was telling me about a relationship he formed with a strip club manager whom he sees each day on his way to the bus stop.

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The Battered Heart Of Sanctification


John Donne’s poetry and sermons speak to the deepest part of the distraught sole. His own struggles and passion take on life and, especially, take on life within the reader. Through his poems, the reader, “meet[s] a turbulent soul, grieving over his sins, questions his faith, pondering his mortality, wrestling with God, striving for humility–and in the end soaring with thankfulness and praise”. While some scholars argue that Donne merely shifted his youthful desire for women to a mature desire for God, others have argued that Donne’s poetry is incarnational. Donne’s relationship with God was heart-centered rather than mind-centered. Every word, aptly and specifically chosen, inspires his audience. Donne’s charisma and passion are contagious; one is changed by the seed of Love planted deep within the heart.

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Engraved On His Hands

Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so. I can sing it, I can say it. But, if I am honest, I would have to say that I don’t really believe it. Oh, I would eagerly tell you that I believe that He loves me, but how I live my life might reveal otherwise.

In order to help me wrap my heart and mind around how my unbelief shows up in my life, a few years ago I began making a list entitled: You know you don’t believe God loves you when…

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