My Pipe Dream Now A Reality: UPDATE from Kimm

Dear readers,

It’s been a year and a half since I sent an email with the subject line: “Something to Think About”. It’s that very email that started this whole Dropping Keys deal. I wanted to start a blog that would be considered a “safe place” for people who had been oppressed by the law but were never given the freedom of grace. I wanted a place where readers could come and not have to wade through myriads of how-to posts before they read something that would feed their soul. I desired to share the law and gospel in a way that made Christ beautiful and dropped keys of freedom into the hands of beautiful rowdy prisoners. So I called upon a small group of Jesus loving Twitter friends. We had just officially met over lunch at Liberate 2013, and it was apparent that these women had the same passion for sharing Christ through the written word as I did. So, via the above mentioned email, I threw out the idea of putting together a blog that created a place where we could freely write about the outrageousness grace, a place you could freely come, empty handed, and receive.

I closed my email saying, “Maybe you are laughing at my pipe dream by this point but I just wanted to throw it out on the table to discuss. Maybe it’s not the right timing. Maybe it’s lame. Let me know what you think.” Surprisingly they all agreed to my “pipe dream” and Dropping Keys Ministries was born. And while we set out to be a blog, God has been greatly expanding our borders over the past year. As our little blog continues to grow, we have also found ourselves with other exciting opportunities and ideas to proclaim the good news to weary sinners.

Two new opportunities have developed because of our friends at Liberate. First, we will be partnering with them in our writing and will be featured on their new upcoming website. Second, we were asked to speak at Liberate 2015 at a special “Dinner with Dropping Keys” event. How rad is that? We hope that those of you who will be there will sign up to join us! (To sign up click here)

As a team, we continue to grow and toss around ideas for ways to minister to you. Our desire is to start a regular podcast there’s been talk of some type of conference in Southern California. We would appreciate your prayers, as we consider moving forward in these areas.

A recent change that you may have noticed is the new website that we launched a couple weeks ago.  Our friend Jeff Block has been very gracious to pour his time and efforts into this new platform. The new platform will enable us to be more efficient in the ways we deliver content to our readers and more compatible with social media efforts.

Consistently coming up with material for hungry readers can ware out even the most ambitious person! Thus, we have brought on some new blood. Yes, we finally let some guys in on the party, and we are certain that you are going to love them!

Let me introduce you:

Jeff Block

Jeff BlockJeff is claimed by Christ and united to Leanna, Asher, and Corban. He has a B.A. in Journalism from Point Loma Nazarene University and a M. A. in Theological Studies (Biblical Studies) from Bethel Seminary, San Diego, CA. He serves with First Baptist Church Lemon Grove as the Children’s & Youth Ministries Director. Jeff really enjoys writing and is fascinated by words; fitting then that he married an English teacher.

Jeff loves the Bible and loves people. He has an affinity for good stories (especially redemptive ones), appreciates art and culture-making, and hopes that his writing is a God-glorifying contribution to everything therein.

Jeff enjoys the mountains, reading, watching independent films with his wife and Star Wars Rebels episodes with his boys. His family loves hosting friends and cooking with the outdoor grill. In addition to being an expert banana chocolate chip pancake maker, he enjoys coffee tastings and reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Chad West

ChadChad is a follower of Jesus, soon to be married to the best high school literature teacher in Florida, and has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He was a pastor for five years, but is much more accomplished as a sinner. On the roller-coaster that has been Chad’s life story, writing has always been his constant. People and careers have come and gone, but he could never escape the desperate need to get something on the page.

Chad has published a book of short stories and is working on his first non-fiction book.

Chad enjoys to bbq, long walks on the beach, and hates mean people. He is a ginger with a love for things that are geeky—movies, books, comics, etc. His favorite writers are Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. Steve Brown is one of his heroes. Chad loves making people laugh, cooking, and he wears a mean hat.

Thank you, faithful readers, for supporting us, loving us, and sharing our content. God has used you to grow what I once thought was a “pipe dream” into a reality.

Grace and peace,

Kimm Crandall

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