No Darkness Too Dark Intro

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

no-darkness1We’ve all been hurt. In numerous ways. There’s the hurts that come and go throughout the day because we’re humans interacting with other humans (big and small). These hurts are small, small enough to be soothed with a nice word, a tub filled with warm water and Calgon, or a glass of wine (or all three). Then there are the hurts we’ve experienced in our lives that are bigger than a glass of wine or a kind word; those hurts are the ones we store away in the many closets in our mind.

Most days, we don’t think of them and they aren’t causing too many problems until of course you happen across that closet, “Oh, great, there you are…thanks for reminding me. *sigh*.” Typically, the things here, we don’t even mind if other people stumble across. Honestly, they aren’t that bad…and who hasn’t had that type of hurt?

Then there are the things that we hate with a white hot passion that we box up, carry down to the darkest part of the basement of our minds, and lock up in a fortress so secured that the flaming sword clad cherubim protecting re-entry to the garden look like sweet, winged babies with heart-shaped arrows in comparison. It’s there where we store away the thing/s that caused us bone crushing shame, flesh devouring guilt, heart stopping regret, and even soul piercing grief.  It’s there where we store the forgiveness of those who hurt us and, more likely, self-forgiveness. It’s there, stored in the deep dark recesses of our conscience, because to bring light there, to shed light on that area, that event, that person, is to relive it, to see it again as if it were happening all over, to be that girl or that boy again, to be left again, to be hurt once more, to relive the shame, the guilt, the regret, and the grief that we’ve worked so hard to pretend we don’t have.

We don’t want anyone there: not those who claim to love us, those who claim they won’t run; not those who are professionals who deal with such events and trauma that we actually pay not to run; we don’t even want to be there ever, because we’re too busy running from it.

And, if we’re totally and completely honest, we don’t want God there either…because how could a beautiful, holy God enter into that mess, into that disaster, into that shame, guilt, regret, and grief and not shy away, appalled, disappointed, disgusted. How could He not say, “I can deal with so much of the stuff you’ve done and experienced, but this…this is beyond me” and leave us there, naked, humiliated, and ashamed.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

This is the amazing, wonderful, downright radical thing about Jesus Christ, God of very God, light of very light. He touched the dirty and made them clean, he un-ostricized the ostracized, He uncondemned the condemned, He made the dead living again. He is the light that the darkness cannot overcome…never ever. There is no darkness too dark for Jesus Christ to enter into and be overcome, because the darkness has been overcome once and for all in Him. “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace” (John 1:16).

And that’s what this series is all about: real stories about real darkness and real grace (upon grace!). We at Dropping Keys wanted to create a resource of testimonies about radical encounters with His light in our darkness that could be shared with others who are suffering in similar ways (we’ll have a variety of stories). This series is not restricted to just the contributors of Dropping Keys. We all have stories and testimonies to share, and we invite you to share them here, if you feel so led. (email).

So, please, read these stories humbly presented by broken and beloved men and women. And I pray, I pray that these stories would draw you closer to Him, that they would give you courage to go there, into that darkness with the good, good, Shepherd who loves you—all of you—so much that He laid down his life for you.

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